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Political Signs

Each political campaign season City Hall receives several inquiries with regard to the placement, location, and size of political/campaign signs.  Below you will find some of the applicable Terre Haute City Code provisions specifically dealing with campaign/political signs:


Pursuant to Sec. 10-141(b)(18) temporary signs are defined as “any sign, banner, pendant, valance or advertising display constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard or other light materials, with or without frames, intended to be displayed for a limited period of time only.”


Sec. 10-141(c)(3) requires that “the base of all signs or sign structures shall be located a minimum of three feet (3’) within the property line of the private property on which such sign is located and shall not extend past this point for a minimum of twelve feet (12’) above grade level. No part of a sign or sign structure shall extend past the property line onto any public property or other private property in any district excepting the C-8 (Downtown District) or as otherwise provided in this ordinance.”  This would prohibit the placement of signs in the tree row.


Sec. 10-141(d)(1) Signs not exceeding 2 square feet and that are not of a commercial nature do not require building permits.


Sec. 10-141(g)(4) Freestanding signs shall be securely fastened to the ground or to some other substantial supportive structure so that there is virtually no danger that either the sign or the supportive structure may be moved by the wind or other forces of nature and cause injury to persons or property.


Sec. 10-141(j)(6) Signs permissible in Residential Districts shall not exceed two (2) square feet.


In the Downtown Business District, Sec. 10-141(m)(2)(C)(2) requires that political campaign signs do not exceed 1 per property, 32 square feet in size, and may not be there longer than 3 months.  Also in the Downtown Business District, Sec. 10-141 m. (3)(f) prohibits portable signs, including the display of such on a vehicle.  Advertising on vehicles which is not otherwise prohibited by law is allowed.


Pursuant to Sec. 10-141(n)(2), the Building Inspector has the authority to require the removal of signs that violate any of the sign provisions.  Violators may be issued a citation.


For more information concerning political signs please contact the 311 Citizen Contact Center.



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