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Multiple Infraction Charges

If you have been charged with more than one Infraction charge AND are not required to appear in court, please read the following instructions carefully.


If you are unsure if you are required to appear in court, below is a list of charges that require you to appear in court:

  • Driving While Suspended
  • Operating with BAC of .02 to .08 under 21 years of age
  • Aiding/Inducing a Minor
  • Overweight charge of 10,001lbs or more
  • Possession of Paraphernalia
  • Child Restraint violations under 8 years of age
  • Any charge issued with a Misdemeanor charge
  • If you are still unsure if you are required to appear in court, please CLICK HERE to visit the public access website.  If your case lists a HEARING DATE you must appear in court



If you have been charged with a "fix-it" offense, you must present proof to the Terre Haute City Clerk's Office prior to submitting payment by credit card.  The Vigo County Prosecutor's Office allows "fix-it" offenses to be corrected and when acceptable proof is brought to the Terre Haute City Clerk's Office prior to the court date, the charge will be dismissed.  If you submit payment for all charges and then bring in proof of the correction, you will NOT receive a refund.  Below is a list of "fix-it" offenses:

  • No Valid License (9-24-1-1 and 9-24-1-5 only)
  • Failure To Provide Proof of Financial Responsibility (Infraction Only)
  • Failure of Resident to Obtain Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Failure to Sign, Carry Display Registration
  • Failure to Sign Vehicle Registration
  • Failure to Carry Registration
  • Improper Display of License Plate(s) on Vehicle
  • False or Fictitious Registration
  • Operating Motor Vehicle w/ Registration Number to Another Vehicle
  • Operating Motor Vehicle w/ Fictitious Registration Number
  • Operating Vehicle w/o Proper Registration
  • Expired License Plate
  • Improper Bumper Height
  • Improper Headlights
  • Improper Clearance Lamps, Marker Lamps, or Reflectors
  • Stop Lamps; Color, Visibility, and Operation
  • Turn Signals; Color, Visibility, and Operation
  • Fender Lamps; Running-Board Courtesy Lamps; Back-up Lamps
  • Motorcycle; Headlamps
  • Leaky, Altered or Deteriorated Muffler
  • Muffler Cutout or Bypass
  • Front Windshield
  • Decals, Signs, Posters, Sunscreens, or Other Non-Transparent Material
  • Driving With Improper Tinting, Glazing, or Sun Screening Vehicle Windows
  • Windshield Wipers
  • No Motorcycle Endorsement or Permit
  • Expired Operators License
  • Failure to Change Address or Name on Drivers License
  • Improper Muffler
  • Operating Motor Vehicle w/o License or Permit in Driver's Possession
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