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Misdemeanor Case Restriction Petition

There is a Indiana Statute to allow a defendant to petition the court

to restrict access to misdemeanor cases. 

The statute is I.C. 35-38-9 and you can CLICK HERE to access the statute. 

You must read and understand the requirements prior to filing the petition(s).


Below are links to sample petitions to restrict misdemeanor case information.  The information below is for misdemeanor cases that were DISMISSED or if a charge was never filed.  For misdemeanor cases that the defendant was found guilty, contact the Vigo County Clerk's Office. 


PLEASE NOTE: The Terre Haute City Clerk's Office and the Terre Haute City Court cannot provide you with legal advice or guidance.  You must prepare the forms yourself and file them with any required documentation.  It is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice from an attorney before filing a petition on your own!


  • For dismissed misdemeanor cases, a filing fee is not required


  • For guilty misdemeanor cases, contact the VIGO COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE.


  • CLICK HERE to access the petition, you will select PETITION AND ORDER FOR EXPUNGEMENT OF ARREST RECORD
    • You must complete the entire document excluding the signature line for the Judge and the ordered date.  Failure to complete the entire document (petition and order) will delay the processing of your petition and result in the document being returned to the defendant.  Please read the instructions carefully!


  • CLICK HERE to access the Indiana Judiciary website


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