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Crime Scene Unit

Information about the Terre Haute Police Department Crime Scene Unit.

Terre Haute Police Department



General Information

      The Terre Haute Police Department operates a full service Crime Scene Unit that is staffed by two Detectives and one Supervisor. All members are trained to document, photograph and gather any evidence at any crime scene but concentrate resources to focus on violent crimes. At least one member of the Unit is on call 24 hours a day for one week at a time.

      The Crime Scene Unit’s members can process and identify all types of latent fingerprints in-house. Generally the only types of evidence that are sent to the Indiana State Police for processing are for DNA analysis and drug analysis. Its members have been to numerous schools and training conferences and can list a forensic artist and computer forensics among its special skills.

      Some of the tools the Unit has at its disposal are a 360 watt Alternate Light Source as well as a battery operated portable ALS. We also use a Sirchie – Krimesite Imager to examine evidence. 


technicians work area technician using alternate light source to recover evidence from papers.



(12) sgt. scott funkhouser.jpg
Sgt. Scott Funkhouser



(21st) det. sgt. kayle pickens #190.jpg

Sgt. Kayle Pickens



sgt. david stamper.jpg

Sgt. David Stamper

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