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Violent Crimes Unit

Information about the Terre Haute Police Dept. Violent Crimes Unit

Terre Haute Police Department




General Information


       The Violent Crimes Unit currently consists of four detectives and a Sergeant.  The unit’s
focus is on crimes against persons.  The unit deals with Homicides, Robberies, Rapes, Abductions, Missing Persons, Shootings, Serious Batteries, and Death Investigations.  The members of the unit all have previous homicide experience, and work to make themselves available for violent crimes call-outs at all hours.



 sgt. troy davis.jpg

Sergeant Troy Davis


#94 det. jeff trotter.jpg

Detective Jeff Trotter

 #101 det. keith mowbray.jpg

Detective Keith Mowbray


#173 det. brad rumsey.jpg

Detective Brad Rumsey


Detective Devon Huebner







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