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Property Crimes

The Property Crimes Unit currently consists of seven detectives and a sergeant. The unit’s focus is on crimes against a victim’s property. The unit deals with Burglaries, Residential Entries, Thefts, Criminal Trespassing, and Criminal Mischief (Vandalism) investigations. The members of the unit have extensive investigative experience, with most of these detectives having over 10 years in the detective division and the most senior detective having over 30 years on the Terre Haute Police Department with 24 years served in investigations. The members of this unit also make themselves available for possible investigative call-outs and undercover stings/stakeouts at all hours.


Sgt. Mike Ellerman

Corporal Darren Long

Detective Rick Decker

Dective Farron Stevens

Dective Kenny Murphy

Detective Julia Piety

Detective Les Hamm

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