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Public information concerning current issues in Terre Haute.

File Combined Sewer Overflow and EPA Mandates
The following factual information concerns the City’s plan to best comply with a non-funded, U.S. Government mandate concerning the treatment of storm water, as well as the use of a storage pond located in the southeast part of the City.
Page Combined Sewer Overflow - Proposed Southern Solution
15 acres to be used as green solution for C.S.O. long-term control plan.
Image Proposed C.S.O. Pond and Passive Park on Old I.P. Property
File Terre Haute's (CSO) Long Term Control Plan
As presented at the January 24, 2011 public meeting.
Folder Emergency Preparedness Tips
Tips on what to do in case of severe weather or earthquakes.
File 2016 Financial Audit from State Board of Accounts.pdf
2016 Financial Statement
File 2017 Financial Audit From State Board of Accounts.pdf
2017 Financial Statement
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