Until further notice, all citizens must wear MASKS in City Hall Courtroom.

The Terre Haute City Clerk, Michelle L. Edwards, would like to inform the public of various methods to submit payments or other court correspondence without appearing in the Clerk’s Office.
The City Clerk's Office will be open to the public between 8am and 4pm each workday.  Our office number is 812-244-2103.  Please listen to the entire message and you will be able to speak with a staff member.  
More information can be found at www.TerreHaute.IN.Gov and click on Pay Your Traffic Violation.  In addition, please CLICK HERE for FAQs.


To submit payment by credit card, visit our website www.TerreHaute.IN.Gov and click on Pay Traffic Violation. 

CLICK HERE to access that webpage

To submit payment by telephone by calling (812) 514-8035. 

To submit payment by mail, include a money order made payable to Terre Haute City Clerk plus a signed/dated copy of your ticket or a letter stating you ADMIT or PLEAD NO CONTEST to your charge(s) with your case number(s) or UTT number to the following address:

                17 Harding Avenue

                Room 102 City Hall

                Terre Haute, IN  47807


Please visit the website for more information on Infraction Deferral Agreements.  CLICK HERE to access that webpage


If you have a warrant, you must call the City Clerk's Office at 812-244-2103 to schedule a court hearing

            IF YOU HAVE A PUBLIC DEFENDER, please contact their office at 812-462-3309


If you wish to do one of the following and you do NOT have a Public Defender OR you do NOT have an active warrant, you may file a form electronically for:

Motion to continue

This means you currently have a hearing scheduled and are asking the court to continue that date.

Motion to set a hearing

You would use this form if you have a case:

Referred Failure To Appear and it is court required

You need an extension to complete community service or alcohol and drug class

Denying a charge on a non-court required case

This means you wish to plead not guilty

If you have questions about the Infraction Deferral Program, please contact the Prosecutor's staff by email, please CLICK HERE

More information may be found online, please CLICK HERE


We appreciate your understanding and will work to provide our citizens with the safest service during these times.


Michelle L. Edwards, City Clerk