9-10-2020    The public hearing will be held at 5:00pm

Council discussion will NOT occur at this meeting

Public comments will be allowed during this meeting.  We are in the process of posting more information on how the public can attend this meeting.  Please check the website for more information.


9-22-2020    Special meeting at 5:30pm for discussion between Mayor Bennett, Leslie Ellis and the Council

                        Public comment will NOT be allowed


9-23-2020    Additional special at 5:30pm for discussion if necessary

                        Public comment will NOT be allowed


10-1-2020    Action on 2021 Budgets (all) during the regular meeting



Decisions have not yet been made if the future meetings concerning the budget with be in person or electronic.  Please check the website for more information as we will update it as quickly as possible.


The public may submit comments and questions to the Council through the City Council Public Comment page.  Please CLICK HERE to access the page.