Terre Haute Police Department



General Information

      To become a member of the SRT, officers have to have at least 2 years on the department and go through a rigorous tryout process. This includes a quarter mile run in full SWAT gear ( ballistic helmet, ballistic entry vest, gas mask pouch, thigh holster and all guns, magazines and equipment) to a 4 story training building. The officer then has to use a breaching tool to gain entry to the building. Once inside he/she has to go up four levels of stairs engaging targets on each level with simunition rounds. The officer shoots at each unfriendly target twice and in order to pass that portion of the test they cannot have any misses and can’t have any hits on friendly targets or hostages. The officer then runs back down to the ground floor where he/she then drags a 180lb training dummy out of the building and to the edge of the parking lot, east of the building. This entire exercise must be completed in under 4 minutes. Once the officer completes this he/she is taken to a firing range and must complete a combat shooting course with not more than 2 misses out of 40 rounds (95%) fired through both automatic sub-machine guns and pistols. The applicants then interview with the team and its leaders and the vacant slots are filled by a silent ballot vote.

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Poilce Chief
Shawn Keen