Did You Know...

It is illegal to allow anything other than uncontaminated rainwater and snowmelt to enter the street drainage system.

no-dumping-frog.jpgTerre Haute’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program is designed to protect our neighborhoods, streams and our Wabash River from litter, pollutants and hazardous waste.

By identifying sources of illegal dumping, potentially harmful stormwater runoff can be eliminated.

The information below explains how to recognize illegal dumping and improper connections to the City’s drainage system.

If you see any signs of illegal dumping, contact the MS4 Coordinator at the Wastewater Utility (812) 244-5500 right away, so we can protect our waterways.

Illegal Dumping

no-dumping-fluids.jpgStorm drainage systems are intended for uncontaminated storm water or snow melt only. No one is allowed dump any materials or pollutants into a street drain. Doing so is a violation of Local, State and Federal laws.

Examples of illegal dumping include pouring paint, solvents, automotive fluids, or cleaning supplies into the street drainage system. But, that’s not all! Dumping solid wastes like trash, lawn clippings, animal wastes, construction debris and sediment is also prohibited.

Signs of Illegal Discharges

  • Temporary or suspicious looking hoses, PVC pipes or connections discharging directly into catch basins, curb inlets or waterways;
  • Liquid flowing from a storm drain into a ditch during dry weather;
  • Unpleasant or chemical odors coming from a storm drain;
  • Colored or turbid water flowing from a storm drain or in a stream;
  • Floating materials like excessive foam, an oily sheen, or sewage in the plunge pool below the storm drain outfall;
  • Unusual staining, discoloration or structural damage at a curb inlet or stormwater outfall pipe;
  • Unusual vegetative growth or excessive algae blooms.

Illegal Connections

Any drainage device, like a pipe, hose or man-made channel that connects an illegal discharge to the storm drainage system is an illicit connection.


Call the MS4 Coordinator to...

  • report spills
  • report abandoned waste
  • report any situation that may pollute storm drains or local waterways
  • request other stormwater educational materials

Terre Haute Wastewater Utility
(812) 244-5500

When calls are received, the MS4 Coordinator will go to the site and conduct an investigation to determine the source of the illicit discharge. If necessary, appropriate agencies will be contacted to begin remediation. Educational information will be provided to the violator to encourage good practices in the future. If violations continue, the City’s enforcement procedures will be followed.