How to submit proof of correction

for Correctable "Fix-It" Charge


    Do you have more than one charge on your case?

    You must resolve all charges on the case at the same time.  If one charge is a correctable charge (Fix-It) and the second charge is payable, you must submit proof of correction and payment on the same day.

    To submit payment CLICK HERE.  You will need to return to this page to submit proof of correction.

    Is your case COURT REQUIRED?

    Some cases require the defendant to appear in Terre Haute City Court for a hearing.  If you are unsure, please visit Mycase.In.Gov to see if you case is set for hearing.  If a hearing is NOT scheduled and your financial balance is zero, please call our office at 812-244-2103 Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm (excluding holidays)

    If your case is set for hearing, you cannot use this form and you must appear in court on your hearing date.

    You will need your CASE NUMBER or UTT NUMBER before completing form.

    If you do not have either the Case Number or UTT Number, please visit Mycase.In.Gov to find your case number.  Please wait five (5) business days before submitting proof.

    You will NOT receive any additional documentation once you submit your form(s).  If there are any problems, you will be contacted first by telephone then by US Postal Mail (if we cannot reach you by telephone).  Failure to resolve any problems will result in the rejection of your submission.

    Ready to submit documentation?  CLICK HERE to proceed.

    List of common CORRECTABLE (Fix It) charges:

    No Valid License (9-24-1-1 and 9-24-1-5 only)
    Failure of Resident to Obtain Motor Vehicle Registration
    Failure to Carry, or Display Registration
    Improper Display of License Plate(s) on Vehicle
    False or Fictitious Registration
    Operating Motor Vehicle w/ Registration Number to Another Vehicle
    Operating Motor Vehicle w/ Fictitious Registration Number
    Operating Vehicle w/o Proper Registration
    Expired License Plate
    Improper Bumper Height
    Improper Headlights
    Improper Clearance Lamps, Marker Lamps, or Reflectors
    Stop Lamps; Color, Visibility, and Operation
    Turn Signals; Color, Visibility, and Operation
    Fender Lamps; Running-Board Courtesy Lamps; Back-up Lamps
    Motorcycle; Headlamps
    Leaky, Altered or Deteriorated Muffler
    Muffler Cutout or Bypass
    Front Windshield
    Decals, Signs, Posters, Sunscreens, or Other Non-Transparent Material
    Driving With Improper Tinting, Glazing, or Sun Screening Vehicle Windows
    Windshield Wipers
    Expired Operators License
    Failure to Change Address or Name on Drivers License
    Improper Muffler
    Operating Motor Vehicle w/o License or Permit in Driver's Possession
    Failure to Provide Proof of Financial Responsibility

    If the violation is for a registration or license plate, your proof must list the vehicle year, make, and model.