The Project Inspection Division of the Department of Engineering provides overall policy direction and coordination for the field engineering and construction activities for the projects chosen to be inspected in house.  The division plans, directs, and coordinates the activities of field inspectors engaged in the construction of roads, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, force mains, and lift stations, as awarded by the Department.  Duties of the inspectors include keeping the Director of Inspection informed as to the progress of work and the manner in which it is being done, to report whenever it appears that the materials furnished and the work performed fail to fulfill the requirements of the specifications and contract, and to call to attention of the contractor, as the work progresses, all known deviations from, or infringement upon, the plans and specifications with respect to materials and workmanship.  The Inspection Division currently operates with five (5) Engineering Aides inspecting projects for the Board of Public Works, Sanitary District, Department of Redevelopment, and soon to be included, the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  As each project goes through the design phase, it is decided by this division whether the inspection of the project will be handled in house, or by an inspection consultant.  For the projects inspected by this division, the Department bills the governing body of the project for our services keeping the inspection revenue of the project within the City of Terre Haute.