The Investigation/Prevention/Inspection Division (IPI) is currently under the leadership of Fire Marshal Robert Eberhardt . The IPI division’s main responsibility is to help make the City of Terre Haute a safer and better place to live and work. The Fire Marshals that cover investigations per shift  , A-Shift Matt Holbert , B-Shift Terry Coker and C-Shift Bert Hay .

The Fire Marshals ( IPI division) will have the primary duties to investigate suspicious and incendiary fires and to apprehend and convict those so engaged in the crime of arson and related offenses.

The services that this division provides are listed below:

Code Enforcement
Public Education
Building Fire Code Plan and Reviews
Arson/Criminal Investigations

Terre Haute Fire Department
IPI Division
25 Spruce St.
Terre Haute, IN 47807