You can now pay a


Terre Haute City Court Bond


with a credit card!




You will need the following information:


  • Defendant's Full Name
  • Defendant's Date of Birth
  • Defendant's Cause Number (Vigo County Jail will have this or call City Clerk's Office during regular business hours)



Use the link below to go to NCourt's website. 


  • You will be charged a service fee by NCourt and it will be based on the amount of bond. 
  • Once you have completed the transaction you will need to visit the Vigo County Jail with a receipt showing payment. 
  • The defendant is required to appear in court the next business day otherwise a NEW WARRANT WILL BE ISSUED FOR A HIGHER AMOUNT. 
  • Court is held Monday through Friday at 8:30 am excluding holidays.
  • CLICK HERE to proceed to NCourt's website and click on BAIL BONDS




There is  $5.00 Special Death Benefit Fee

that is collected in addition to the bond. 



NOTE: You must contact the Vigo County Jail prior to submitting payment on a defendant's bond to confirm there are no additional holds on the defendant.  If there are additional holds on the defendant, those holds must be cleared before the defendant is released from jail.




  • The proceeds from the bond will be returned to the defendant once their case is settled. 
  • If you are submitting payment for a defendant's bond, understand that the proceeds will NOT be returned to you. 
  • Any court costs and fines the defendant owes will be deducted from the bond as well as a ten percent (10%) bond adminstration fee (up to $50.00). 
  • Any remaining funds will be returned to the defendant when the case is settled. 
  • There are no REFUNDS.  If the defendant has a hold from another court and you submit payment, it will not be refunded.  If the defendant fails to appear in court on the date and time indicated, the bond will be retained by court.