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The 3 R's of Water Leaks: Report, Repair and Record...
  1. REPORT- Important: contact your water service provider immediately!
  2. REPAIR- No adjustment will be considered until the repair has been completed.
  3. RECORD- Provide repair receipts, supporting documentation & submit timely.                            

 Indiana American Water Customers call (800)492-8373.

More information about Indiana American Water:

Seelyville Customers call (812)877-2665.

Important: Contact City of Terre Haute Sewage Billing at (812)244-2343 and report the suspected leak. Email to:

[email protected]

Additional Resources and Information Regarding Water Leaks:

So there has been a confirmed leak, NOW WHAT?

1. Contact your Water Service Provider and request an adjustment.  Sewage bills are based off of water meter readings.  If your Water Service Provider notifies Terre Haute Sewage Billing Department, your sewage bill will be adjusted accordingly.  It is important and your responsibility to ensure that Terre Haute Sewage Billing is notified.

2. To be considered for any additional adjustment to your sewage bill, you must provide a copy of the leak repair bill along with a detailed description of the type of leak and where the leaking water was dispersed.  The documents, as well as a written request for adjustment must be submitted to:

City Controller's Office at 17 Harding Av, Room 209. 

Terre Haute, IN 47807

The request for adjustment must be made within 60 days of the highest billed month during the leak episode.  All required documentation must be submitted within 180 days of the billing date. 

Additional Procedures and Restrictions:

a. No leak adjustment will be considered until the leak has been identified and repaired.

b. No more than one (1) leak adjustment shall be granted per meter during any twelve (12) month cycle, however an adjustment may be granted for a contiguous month during the same leak episode.

c. Current account holder must demonstrate six (6) months of normal/typical usage at the specific leak location (premise address) upon which to calculate an average bill before any additional adjustment will be applied.

d. The highest month of usage during the confirmed leak episode shall be considered for an adjustment.

e. The contiguous month adjustment may be granted up to 50% of the total of the already granted adjustment, but no lower than the six (6) month bill average.

f. If it is determined that the excessive water usage did enter the City sewage system, no leak adjustment may be granted.    

g. Account balances remain subject to all methods of collection while waiting for leak adjustments including, but not limited to disconnect of water for non-pay of sewer and certification of sewer liens.