Persons who wish to file a complaint with the City of Terre Haute Transit Utility may do so by calling the Terre Haute Transit Utility office at (812) 235-0109 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; or by writing to the Transportation Director at 901 South 14th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana  47807. You can also download this form and send it in. The Transportation Director will handle all complaints. Information from the complainant will be documented similar to the procedure used by the Human Relations Department for the City of Terre Haute.

  1. The full name and address of the Complainant.
  2. The name and address of the Respondent.
  3. The alleged discriminatory act(s) or practice(s) and a statement of the particulars.
  4. The date(s) of the alleged discriminatory act(s) or practice(s).
  5. A statement as to any other action instituted, in any other forum, based upon the same act or practice that is alleged in the complaint, describing the status or dis-position of each such action.

 The Terre Haute Transit Utility will first try to satisfy the complaint of the individual over the phone and, if the complainant is not satisfied, an informal hearing can be scheduled to review the complaint. A panel will be selected to review the complaint. The panel will review all information and submit, in writing, their decision to the complainant and the Terre Haute Transit Utility. The complainant can appeal this decision if not satisfied.

 In the event the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the Transportation Director, or the reviewing panel, a complaint can be filed with the City’s Human Relations Commission. The Terre Haute Transit Utility will work with the City’s Human Relations Commission to resolve all complaints.

If the complainant is still not satisfied, an appeal can be made to the Region V Office in Chicago, Illinois by calling them at (312) 353-3770 or by writing them at Region V Civil Rights Office, 200 Adams Street, Suite 320, Chicago, IL  60606.

 The agency operates programs without regard to race, color or national origin.