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City of Terre Haute Wastewater Utility Webpage

City of Terre Haute Wastewater Utility Webpage

Welcome to the City of Terre Haute Wastewater Utility Website. Our mission is to treat all water that is brought through our facility in order to promote an ecologically and environmentally friendly atmosphere. This webpage will focus on the Wastewater Utility and aim to provide knowledge in the areas of Wastewater, Collections, Maintenance, Process and related fields. The Wastewater Utility is comprised of three main focus points. These focus points are:



Collections - The main system of pipes, inlets, pumps and related assets that collect the water, and then direct its path of flow back to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Process - The ability to utilize lab, chemical, and other means to identify what we are receiving in our combined sewer and sanitary lines. The "Process" is setup to allow us to know what we are receiving, how to treat it, and if we are receiving too much of a given substance.

Maintenance - This is the network of people, trucks, equipment, tools, etc, that enables Terre Haute to keep a clean environment. This work force provides methods of capturing all the waste and water throughout Terre Haute and safely delivering it to the treatment plant. This work force also provides the measures for clean up during overflow, construction of new zones, demolition, and upgrades to improve flows to improve flow.






City of Terre Haute Wastewater Utility
3200 South State Road 63
Terre Haute, IN 47802
Telephone Number: 812-244-5500



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