October 7, 2021 Ordinances, Resolutions, and Agendas

Special Ordinance 23, 2021

Vacating a portion of a Blankenbaker Avenue, a portion of an East-West Public Alley, and a portion of 38th Street (platted as 35th Street) all bordered by 620 and 700 North 39th Street and 1501, 1511, 1521, and 1531 North 38th Street . This item was tabled on September 9, 2021

Resolution 11, 2021

Designating an area commonly identified as 1440 Savannah Avenue as an Economic Revitalization Area for the purpose of Ten (10) Year Personal Property Tax Abatement <C.H.I. Overhead Doors, LLC> <For Confirmation>. This item was adopted September 11, 2021

General Ordinance 4, 2021

Amending City Code, Chapter 8, Section 8-72, Specific No Parking – Official Vehicles Only, West Side of Eighth Street from Walnut Street to Poplar Street