The Asset Management Department handles a wide variety of duties that help manage the City’s assets. These assets include pavement, sidewalks, handicap ramps, curbs, sewers, drainage, street signage, pavement markings, and trees. We are assigned with overseeing the maintenance, repair, replacement, management, and inventorying of all City assets. We have several employees that are responsible for tracking these various assets.
Our Infrastructure inspector inspects all sidewalk, handicap ramp, and curb repair requests that come into our office. As sidewalk requests are received, he goes out to the address and evaluates the reported sidewalk using a rating scale. He then compiles these reports into a database and using these ratings develops work orders for sidewalk repair. In addition, he inspects all right-of-way permits that are applied for through our office. Right-of-way permits are requested for several reasons, including utility cuts of roads, tree removal, and drive approaches.
Our Drainage Coordinator position is responsible for several drainage issues in the City. He is responsible for monitoring and managing the City’s dedicated drainage ways that include the Wabash River, Lost Creek, Thompson Ditch, Conover Levy, and Hulman Reservoir. These duties mainly relate to making sure the waterways remain unobstructed from debris and that the integrity of their banks and structures are not compromised. Along the same lines, this coordinator is often tasked with investigating local drainage issues that arise around our City which include malfunctioning curb inlets and drywells, and improper road grades.
Our Urban Forester position is responsible for all of the trees and greenways in the City right-of-way. These duties include evaluating the numerous City trees. As tree evaluation requests are received, the urban forester will evaluate each tree and determine its health, potential for property and infrastructure damage, and personal injury. He uses this information to determine if the tree needs removed or not. In addition, he is responsible for the several yearly tree planting activities that are conducted by both public and private entities.  Click on the link below for more tree information, including tree care.