Sewage Billing News: Delinquent Account Payment Box Added at City Hall

October 1, 2020

An in person payment option at City Hall has been added for delinquent accounts

As the Sewage Billing Department prepares to begin processing delinquent sewage accounts for water disconnects and sewer liens, additional walk up payment processing options have been added in the form of a payment drop box. The box is located near the rear door of City Hall and is available after hours if needed.  Here's what you need to know...

  • The payment drop box is located at the rear entrance to City Hall at 17 Harding Ave
  • The payment drop box is protected by security cameras, so your payment is safe
  • The payment drop box should only be used to pay if you have received a Disconnect Notice or Pre Lien Letter
  • The payment drop box will be checked at least 2 times daily on normal business days
  • Payments made to the drop box after notice or letter due dates may NOT stop the disconnect or lien from being filed
  • For questions regarding payments made to the drop box, please call the Sewage Billing Office at (812)244-2343
  • The drop box is ADA accessible via a wheelchair ramp

This walk up payment option is for delinquent accounts that have received a Disconnect or Pre Lien Notice