Sewage Billing News: 2024 Summer Water Allowance

April 2, 2024

It's time to apply for your 2024 Summer Water Allowance!

Follow these simple steps to be considered for the

Summer 2024 Watering Allowance.

A dog holding a hose with water coming out of it and having so much fun!

1. Make the request




Mail to:

City Hall C/O: Sewage Billing
17 Harding Ave Room 209
Terre Haute IN, 47807


In Person:

Documentation can be dropped off in person

in the City Hall Sewage Billing Office; located on the second floor.

2. Keep these things in mind:

1. Make sure the account is paid in full at the end of the year. Please remember that your December issued bill (which is due in January) must be paid in full to be considered an account with a zero dollar ($0) balance.

2. All requests must be received within the same calendar year as the allowance year. For summer 2024, the deadline would therefore need to arrive in our office before the end of business on Tuesday, December 31st, 2024.

3. Ensure you have had an active account for at least twelve months at the residence you are claiming the allowance for.

3. How is the allowance amount determined?

The allowance will be calculated for eligible accounts by subtracting three low monthly usages (plus 30% as a presumed summer increase) from three regular high months' usage (plus 30% as a presumed summer increase). Whatever that difference is, will be applied as a credit to your account as your summer usage. 


How much could your

summer allowance be?

Apply today and find out!