Sewage Billing News: 2023 Watering Allowance

January 4, 2023

Follow these simple steps to be considered for the 2023 Watering Allowance.

Sewage Billing News: 2023 Watering Allowance

1.  Make the request in writing to: 

COTH Sewage Billing

City Hall 

17 Harding Ave Room 209

Terre Haute IN, 47807




Requests can also be dropped off in person at the above location.  The request must be received within the same calendar year as the allowance year.  

2.  Make sure the account is paid in full at the end of the year (December issued bill, due in January must be paid in full with account a zero ($0) balance.  

The allowance will be calculated on eligible accounts as follows:

  1. The sewage billing department will select 3 consecutive low months & 3 consecutive high months usage (no estimated billing will be used).
  2. 30% will be added to the low use months.  The 3 low use months +30% will be subtracted from the 3 high use months.  Any amount remaining will be the allowance given.  
  3. Example:  Low use months are 4, 5 & 3 units of use.  High use months are 7, 10 & 8 units of use.  4+5+3=12 + 30%= 15.6.  7+10+8=25.  25-15.6=9.4 which will be rounded to an allowance of 9 units.