The City of Terre Haute Announced a New City Flag

June 10, 2024


At the latest City Council Regular Meeting, an ordinance amending the official city flag design was up for vote. The voting was unanimous, and the city of Terre Haute has a new flag design for the first time in over 50 years. The previous official flag (Sec. 1-13 Res. No. 22, 1976, 5-13-76) never came to fruition. The interim unofficial flag has been our City Seal on a white background.

The new flag has much more relevance to our surrounding environment. The sycamore leaf symbolizes the sycamore trees that grow along the Wabash River. The intersecting lines represent the Crossroads of America and the 19 stars represent our placement in Indiana as the 19th state. The gold and blue colors mimic the State of Indiana's colors, however, the blue also represents our Wabash River. Gold represents quality, wealth, and good fortune, and white represents hope, openness, and new beginnings for our community.

What does this mean for the City of Terre Haute? The interim city of Terre Haute flag flying at City Hall will be retired, the new flag design will be raised in a flag raising ceremony (time and date TBD), and wherever else you see an old city flag will also be switched out for the new design. The city is enthused by the energy of the Terre Haute Flag Committee. Terre Haute continues to progress, reenergize, and flourish!