Trash Ordinance Update for the Terre Haute Sanitary District

May 14, 2024

At the City Council meeting on May 9th, the general ordinance passed amending City Code, Chapter 9, Article 5, Sections 9-116 and 9-117 about the cost of the Waste and Refuse Collection Fees. Before 2019, the price had increased yearly by a flat rate of $0.50.
A large budget shortfall was identified using the previous fee schedule. This administration has decided to bridge the gap to help ease the deficit. We explored other options before making the unfortunate decision to increase this fee.
I acknowledge that Hoosiers on a fixed income have felt the effect of private-sector inflation over the last several years. To ease this burden on Hoosiers hit hardest during the pandemic and years past, we have also increased the discount you can receive on your bill if you are over 65, blind or disabled, a disabled veteran, or a surviving spouse. (Eligible individuals must have filed and been granted a deduction on their property taxes by the County Auditor.)
Trash Ordinance Update May 10th, 2024.png
The City of Terre Haute Utility Billing Office can be reached at (812) 244-2343 and can assist consumers with specific questions about the rate increase and available credits.