The Little Trees Program, starting in 2022, intends to provide free shade, ornamental and evergreen free trees to Terre Haute residents for planting on private property. This will help Terre Haute to grow its urban canopy while our residents enjoy the many benefits that trees provide such as beautification, cleaner air, lower heating and cooling costs, greater stormwater retention, increased property values and use of the outdoors.

Terre Haute residents will be able to request up to five FREE individual trees from the Urban Forestry Directorate each year. With this free tree program, we intend to facilitate our residents access to the right tree species while encouraging tree planting on private properties to increase our urban tree canopy.

Trees will be available to the public in April during week of Earth Day (April 18-22/2022) and the second week of November. The exact location where the residents can collect the trees will be determined a month in advance. Each bundle of trees will have planting and care instructions as well as a bamboo stake/tree to use when planting.

In order for us to know the number of trees to order for the year 2022, we would like you to fill out the following form and email it to [email protected]

Little Trees Program Application

For any questions regarding the program email [email protected] or call 812-244-4923.