Urban Forestry is important and highly valued by the residents of Terre Haute.  The tree canopy provides numerous benefits that improve the environmental health, physical health and financial health of the community.   The community takes pride in the fact that, Terre Haute has received the TREE CITY USA  designation for the past 18 years from the National Arbor Day Foundation and in 2014 received the prestigious STERLING TREE CITY USA for its 10 year commitment to professional management and improvement of the city’s canopy.


Urban Forester Sheryle Dell and Mayor Bennett accept
the Tree City USA designation presented by the Indiana DNR.


The Urban Forester is responsible for approximately 17,000 street trees throughout the city of Terre Haute.  The city offers the residents of Terre Haute the following services for trees located in the tree row or right of way.


Services include:   

Tree Evaluations

Implementation and enforcement of City Tree Ordiance

Tree Removal (Trees are routinely removed due to old age, poor health , high risk  condition or other problems ) 

Permit for tree removal , EAB treatment or pruning.

Tree Replacement Program

Public Education

Residents may request service or report a tree problem by calling the 311 Citizen Contact Center during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) during regular business hours or here
to report on line

Please Note: The City  does not pick up tree debris from private property

For more information about the Urban Forestry Program visit the About us section