The following is a current listing of Brownfield Site Locations.  This is current as of December 31, 2011.

13th & College - Former Star Gas Station and Pharmacy

25th & Elm Cutout Area - Former Railroad Mainline Tracks

118 Elm Street - Former Buld Petroluem - Ashland Oil

320 North 1st Street - Former Vectren Gas Works Building

500 Maple Avenue - Former Nursing Home and Landfill

531 North 3rd Street - Abandoned Toney Petroluem Facility

819 Spang Street - Former Bulk Petroleum Plant

1212 Chestnut Street & 301 North 12th Street - Former Chicago Towel Facility

1331 South 1st Street - Former Wabash Environmental Techologies Site

1500 Lockport Road - Former IMC East Plant

1807 Margaret Avenue - former Toney Petroleum Distribution Site

2220 - 2230 North 6 1/2 Street - Former Landfill Site

4431 Beech Street - NRHT Brownfield parcels - Former Rail Siding

Elm Street Brownfield Parcels - Former Rail Siding

Elm Street Groundwater Contamination Area - Historic Industrical and Manufacturing Area

Graham Grain Lead Line - Former Rail Line

Illiana Truck Parts - Former Rail Yard

Locust Street Brownfield Parcels - Former Rail Yard

Terre Haute Coke & Carbon - Former Manufacturing and Storage Site


If you would like further information on any of the above listed sites, please contact Patrick Martin at [email protected] or 812-244-4903.