Terre Haute Police Department




Welcome to the Terre Haute Police K-9 Unit! Our K-9 unit was started by former officer, Dan Parker, back in 1995 with his first K-9 named Casio. Casio was a dual purpose German Shepard who worked until he was approximately 10 years old before retiring. During his career Casio had numerous large drug seizures and set the stage for addition of many more K-9’s to the unit. By 2000 our unit had grown with the addition of four more K-9’s named; Schibes, Nero, Cinto, and Cobra. Our unit began to grow and mature yielding thousands of dollars in drug seizures yearly and successfully tracking down numerous felons. Schibes and Cinto were retired recently after serving approximately nine years on the street.  Other recent retired K9's are K9 Jasper, K9 Cobra, K9 Jerry Lee, K9 Shadow and K9 Caron'.  All of these K9's served our city for several years and were retired due to various health conditions.

      Our current K9's in the unit are K-9’s Arie, Axle, Diesel IV, Luca, Nero, and Pelkes.  In 2007 our unit landed the largest drug seizure in Terre Haute’s history, 600 pounds of marijuana from a vehicle. These K-9’s along with their handlers, Lt. Terry John, Sgt. Todd Haller, Sgt. Justin Sears, Officer Ivan Walker, Officer Tony Mazzon, and Officer Nick Cioli put in numerous hours of training and street hours to achieve a high rate of success. We are very proud of our officers and their K-9 partners and hope to maintain a high success rate and strong work ethic.




Sgt. Todd Haller
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