Terre Haute Transit's trip planner, using Google Maps, is designed to help transit riders find their way from point A to B in the City of Terre Haute, Indiana..

The trip planner is tied to Terre Haute Transit's bus routes and schedules using Google Maps. Google Maps can tell you when to be at the bus stop, what bus to transfer to (if necessary) and where you can get off. You can search by intersection, address, business name or landmark.

How to Use the Trip Planner -

1.      Enter your starting location, either by street address, two street intersection, business name or landmark in the "Start" text field below.

2.      Next enter your destination using the same method in the "End" text field.

3.      Then select either "Depart at" or "Arrive by" at the bottom of the box.

4.      Next, enter the date of travel and the time of travel.

5.      Finally, click the "Get Directions" button.

Google Maps will then show you your planned trip and what time the bus will depart or arrive based on what you have selected.

PLEASE NOTE:  While Terre Haute Transit strives to provide quality information through our trip planner, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. This is a new service that is still being refined by both Google and the participating transit agencies.

New riders are encouraged to call (812 235-0109) or email Terre Haute Transit to confirm an itinerary prior to taking their first ride. We can also help answer any other questions you may have about the bus.



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